why this blog?

I hope to use this blog to support my teaching and research interests. I’ve got interested in the possible uses of blogging for academics as part of my Learning Technologies Course which I’m undertaking for a Diploma in Academic Practice with NUIG’s own CELT (Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching).

Hopefully, it will provide an accessible way to communicate with students, other academics and even members of the general public who are interested.

Much of the content is quite ‘academic’ although I do throw in a mix of my own opinion as well. Please note that comments are moderated by me and I reserve the right to edit or these delete these as I see fit.

As I write this (Jan 4th), the NUIG Blackboard system is down and has been so for an extended period over Christmas 2010/11, so perhaps I will have to make much greater use of it than I imagined!


One thought on “why this blog?”

  1. Great to see that you’ve been converted (maybe!) to the joys of blogging to support teaching. I’ll be interested to see how you find using wordpress rather than Blackboard’s blog – at the very least, it looks nicer!

    You can see my about-to-surface-from-hibernation blog at aileenfyfe.wordpress.com, where I have talked about using Bb’s blogs.

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