Never mind the Euro collapse: Who will win Eurovision?

Eurovision: what the bookies say

Yep, never mind whether the Euro collapses or we get a reduction in our interest rate the bookies are giving odds on the only big event that matters now: Eurovision.

Apparently according to Paddy Power the odds are France are clear favorite (15/8), with Ireland second (4/1). You can judge the uncertainty though by the long follow-on odds at UK (8/1) and then Finland (11/1) Sweden, Denmark and Iceland are long shots at 20 or 33/1….(but potentially good value). The spread there is very wide and Jedward being ranked second seems dubious and wishful punting to my mind.

So I checked another site and guess what……France is again ranked more or less the clear favorite……and Jedward ranked second ..make of that what you will but it is obvious that France and Ireland are locked in an evil combat to the death for this one…which nicely mimics the robust exchange of views shared between President Sarkozy and our government on Corporation tax, interest rates and whether Ireland should have qualified for the last world cup (YES!).

Once again spookily Eurovision accurately maps real life!

On principle I will not be backing France, although I’m not sure what principle I’m invoking. It is a semi folksy operatic thing sung in Corsican (apparently). I think it sounds like a car advert…they all sound like car adverts actually. But if it wins the odds are simply rubbish anyway. It is not worth backing-much like Sarkozy.

Therefore my utterly random predictions are as follows:

Jedward will not likely win but do quite well and reach maybe top 5
The winner could well be Denmark, or Estonia and maybe Sweden, but being a bit of wild card, I think the entry from Azerbaijan could make it (Bizarrely)

But then what do I know?


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