Sorry…but… many votes did France get?

Well, I happened to guess right who would win the dreaded Eurovision…..the Azerbaijan song won on the night…but it was no profound insight by me …….the bookies had signalled it as third favorite…and the odds had come down from 11/1 to 7/1….so I didn’t exactly break the bank on it. BUT it was nice to see France get the deserved result of a rather derisory 82 points compared to the winning 221. Even Jedward did much better than that, and they can’t even sing!

A pompous operatic entry trying to instruct us all how to sing…what on earth were the French thinking? This is Eurovision! Further evidence of terminal national decline on their part, quite obviously. Moreover, it is clearly a signal of waning French ‘leadership’ in Europe. It would be best for Sarkozy if he just resigned now.

Of course the Azeri song was actually secretly …Swedish…as regards the composers and musical planning that went in behind the sound….(very typical Azeri names like: Stefan Ă–rn, Sandra Bjurman and Iain Farguhanson) and my guess is quite a bit of money changed hands in putting together a professional and slick Azeri entry….this was not an accidental victory……Eurovision is much too important for that………and there was the predictable tribalistic voting….Turkey gave the Azeris a full 12 points, and ditto for many other East European and Balkan countries who gave high points. The Brits gave the Azeri’s the full monty of 12…[eh…this is completely wrong they didn’t…see comments]..always been interested in the oil in the Caucasus they have. The Russians gave them the full 12, which is a bit odd given that usually Russia backs Azeri arch-enemy Armenia [who predictably gave their neighbours zero], so perhaps something good might come out of the whole thing, as regards peace + love. However, I wouldn’t bet on that. Ironically, Azerjaiban is beginning to see a protest movement develop like in Arab states to demand real democracy. Which is something else they could import from Sweden. It will be interesting to see how the Azeri’s manage Eurovision 2012, if serious unrest kicks off. Perhaps France will agree to invade or something to help them stage the show.

As ever Eurovision imparts stark lessons about the political, social and economic realities of Europe. Some might think the message is: Eastern Europe and the Caucasus oil producing states are vibrant and going places….western Europe is in a serious funk of decline……..most of all France…..but in fact that would be mistaken, apart from the surging irrelevancy of France which this contest reveals yet again. Closer examination suggests that success follows when you combine savvy Swedish musical experts in the background with a bit of raw oil cash and some youthful energy (I won’t say talent) on the part of the Azeris……..and hey presto……suddenly European integration starts to work…sort of (and all without France!).

Roll on Eurovision 2012!


2 thoughts on “Sorry…but… many votes did France get?”

  1. A colleague of mine just pointed out that the UK gave 12 points to ireland and none to az! Is there a flaw in your otherwise watertight argument and in fact the Brits used the Ev as a foreign policy tool to try an to sweeten up dissident opinion in advance of the royal walk about rather than secure oil revenues?

    1. Yes…yes. Brian…..I made an error there when filled with hubris at my investment in Azeri oil futures. Yes the Brits gave us 12 clearly on the advice of the director of MI6 that it was a better investment. Still doesn’t detract from my main point which is that (a) France didn’t win even though they were favorites; (b) France is ruled by a very small man who has to wear high heeled shoes and has been consistently rude to Ireland and (c) if there is supreme deity, he/she/it is not French. Please copy this to any French PAs/delegations you happen to know of.

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