My Presentation at PSAI this Saturday 22nd

My presentation on NATO and Libya. (actually this version is a bit cleaner than what I used on Saturday..I’ve removed a few typos, etc.).

But please do not quote without author’s permission…its a draft….FlynnPRESpsai2011


2 thoughts on “My Presentation at PSAI this Saturday 22nd”

  1. Interesting read and good luck with the presentation. When did you turn into a defence head?

    Would be v. interesting also to look at the impacts on EU security thinking around the Libya mission, the never mobilised EU humanitarian security mission for Misrata and how EU weaknesses around Libya have, along with concerns over US disengagement, driven moves towards centralising EU operational planning under Ashton and even the development of a possible EU operational HQ in Brussels.

    1. Hi Brian good to hear from as ever, I’ve always been a bit interested in defence/security…..partly because it matters [there are also surprising links with environmental policy though energy security, concepts of strategy, etc]… lectures on European politics used to have a whole lot about NATO, etc.,….but then I ditched that and now I want to get back into it. I gave a paper at PSAI last year on NATO, and am working in the area as part of a longer term project. I did mention in the chat that went with the paper that the EU has been heavily marginalized by the Libya operation…that paper by Menon in the bibliography says this much better than I can. He calls Libya a “disaster” for the ESDP. The ironic thing is it may well be the EU left with the ‘bill’ for the NATO’s war (sorry Sarko’s war). Although in theory the Libyans have money to rebuild the physical infrastructure they will need help in rebuilding their police, army and civil service. The building up of a proper discipline professional army that stays in barracks is an essential thing, and the EU may have some role to play there (although we’ll see even if they get the tap on the shoulder for that one], but note how costly, messy and long term any such ‘nation building’ missions are. NATO drops the bombs, and the EU cleans up the mess left behind? Is that what we’re seeing? Thanks NATO! Moreover, if Libya slides into a more ‘mixed’ type of regime displaying some form of pro-western democracy alongside a more Islamist and authoritarian streak it may well prove to be a prickly neighbor for the EU in general. We will have to wait and see what the longer term implications of the LIbyan war are for European security. My guess is that once Sarko is replaced as French president there will be a return to a more traditional French position of building up and using a distinctively European security apparatus apart from NATO while also keeping their hand in NATO. However, it was surely revealing that when a big security challenge emerged on the EU’s doorstep and when the US revealed it did not want to get massively involved but expected Europeans to take ownership of the mission, that the EU’s tentative structures and capabilities were mostly irrelevant and unused. The French and British just ran the show bilaterally and then eventually worked it within NATO structures. Interestingly from an Irish perspective this meant the Irish soldiers in the EU ‘battlegroups’ were busy doing more or less nothing. While Sweden, who leads the EU battlegroup we participate in, actually decided to join the NATO operation and deployed Swedish jet fighters to do intelligence gathering but not (it seems) actual strikes. So much for Swedish neutrality now? And Irish neutrality and our participation in the EU battlegroups is looking ever more massively marginal than ever before. Loads to chew over there. By they way I must work up a post on Macedonia which I know your interested in. Hope things in the EP are as ‘fun’ as ever. Regards, Brendan.

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