About me & this Blog

My name is Brendan Flynn. Since 1998 I’ve been a lecturer with the School of Political Science & Sociology, NUIG (National University of Ireland). My main research interests are in environmental policies, and to a lesser extent EU policies-although that is a rather bland description of what I’m interested in.

My PhD research was on the principle of Subsidiarity as it had been (during the 1990s) applied to EU environmental policy. Since then I’ve published work on EU environmental policies and Irish environmental policy. Currently, I’m interested in the concept of ecological modernization, especially as regards critiques of that concept which suggest it is overly statist, techno-centric or a rehash of cruder modernization theories of development. I happen to think a bit of statism would be no harm, that technology is often over hyped and misunderstood, and that ecological modernization is not the same thing as 1950s modernization theories rehashed. Now you know! In a less theoretical mode of operation, I’m interested in practical examples of how States can foster (or hinder) greener technologies in certain sectors (notably aviation, public transport and fishing).

My teaching is focused on a number of courses. I teach to large numbers (as many as 700+!) of first year students on the Course SP158, and to our second year students on the course SP216 European Politics. I also teach two smaller seminar classes for third year students: SP416 Environmental Policy and Politics and Sp483 EU Policy. Many of the posts here you will see are associated with these courses.

Hope you enjoy the blog, and if you are NOT a student from NUIG who has been steered here by me, then your just as welcome as well!

Regards, Brendan.


Every effort is made to ensure that the content of this site matches the aims and objectives set out, however, I cannot accept responsibility for inappropriate comment/content in cases of technical failure/hacking.

THIS SITE IS A PERSONAL ONE. It does NOT reflect the official views or opinions of my University or the School of Political Science and Sociology.

The site is NOT used for any communications that would violate the privacy and integrity of the academic process of NUIG or of my students, notably any commentary on grades/academic results.

Editorial policy: I reserve to right to edit/delete any comments without explanation or justification.

However, in general my editorial policy is that I do not permit the use of this site or the comment function to broadcast any offensive language or material that would be unacceptable within a University research and teaching environment. Racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic or similar comments/content will not be permitted.


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